The Cribs, Rough Trade Notts, 14th August 2017

Childhood, Rough Trade East, 25th July 2017

Idles, Rough Trade East, 20th June 2017

The Charlatans, Rough Trade East, 29th May 2017

Is Bliss, The Magic Gang, Idles & Blaenavon, Pie & Vinyl, 22nd April 2017

Pulled Apart By Horses, Rough Trade East, 17th March 2017

Tigercub, Resident, 13th November 2016

Abattoir Blues, Resident, 4th November 2016

Deap Vally, Resident, 21st September 2016

Fear of Men, Resident, 3rd June 2016

Eagulls, Rough Trade East, 1st June 2016

Man Made, Pie & Vinyl, 3rd May 2016

Telegram, Rough Trade East, 4th February 2016

Mystery Jets, Resident, 20th January 2016

Traams, Resident, 12th November 2015

Demob Happy, Resident, 2nd October 2015

Kagoule, Rough Trade East, 21st August 2015

Wolf Alice, Resident, 24th June 2015

Demob Happy, Resident, 18th April 2015

The Wytches, Resident, 28th August 2014